Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference

Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference provides simple and refined searching of the extensive Data Planet repository of standardized and structured statistical data. Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference is designed to allow users to quickly navigate the billions of points of data contained in the Data Planet repository, covering thousands of geographic entities. With Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference, users can quickly search and view charts, maps, and rankings of time series at the country, state, county, MSA, postal code, census-tract/block group levels. All of the data are drawn from authoritative sources and are citable.The product provides high-level summary information as well as detailed line item views. 


Search results resolve to Data Planet Statistical DataSheets, which present the data in multiple views, complete with descriptions of the time series and dataset from which it is sourced, periodicity, and more. DataSheets provide DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) for use in work product, which link to the original DataSheet, with chart, map, trend, etc., and also provide an option for updating with current data.

DataSheets are dynamic and provide the user with the ability to download the source data, link to a DOI of the original DataSheet, and export the data to excel, csv, PDF and HTML links (via DOI).

Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference includes:

  • Access to 185 billion data points.
  • High-level summary by category and geographic entity.
  • Granular detailed views of line item data.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Regular data updates as new data are provided from the source organization.
  • Advanced search clustering based on controlled categorization and subject term assignments.
  • 37 fields of metadata.
  • DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) of formatted results.
  • Multiple views of data series in a single DataSheet.
  • Exports to EndNote, RefWorks, Zotero, and generic citation formats.
  • Data exports to excel and csv.
  • HTML and PDF exports of DataSheets.


The data series are categorized by high-level subject classifications, including: Agriculture and Food; Banking, Finance, and Insurance; Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement; Education; Energy Resources and Industries; Government and Politics; Health and Vital Statistics; Housing and Construction; Industry, Business, and Commerce; International Relations and Trade; Labor and Employment; Military and Defense; Natural Resources and Environment; Population and Income; Prices, Consumption, and Cost of Living; Transportation and Traffic.

Datasets are also indexed with a multilevel subject vocabulary and described with 37 fields of metadata. Advanced clustering technology helps users narrow search results. 

Find, Deliver, Use

Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference lets you quickly access and instantly compare over 185 billion data points from 550+ databases sourced from 90 data providers.

The result is the ability to deliver statistical data in the form of charts, maps, tables and graphs for research, reference and analysis. All of the content in Data Planet is searchable and navigable by subject. All descriptive fields and the data itself are searchable. Users can view and link to dynamic charts, maps and trends of the data.

  • Researchers / Analysts: Use Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference for research. Find, export and cite data to support research, presentations, papers, business plans and briefings. Link your work products to DataSheets, providing stable current views of the data, including heat maps, rankings and trends.
  • Faculty: Use Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference to create course material, identify trends, and as a source of baseline statistics. Link (via (DOI) to DataSheets as supplemental information for publication manuscripts.
  • Library: Use Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference to support statistical research requests for high-level and granular data. Create subject guides and overviews of geographic entities and topical subjects.


 Data Planet Statistical Ready Reference is available at no charge to all Data Planet Statistical Datasets subscribers. It is designed to provide ready reference capabilities to the Data Planet repository. Click here to request more information. For information on how Data Planet compares to other statistical aggregations, please visit here.

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