Data-Planet™ by Conquest Systems, Inc., the owner and provider of ProQuest Statistical Datasets has terminated its distribution agreement with ProQuest effective December 31, 2012. Customers and users of Data-Planet Statistical Datasets will not have any interruption in service. The product has been produced and supported by Conquest Systems since its inception in 2006. Existing subscription agreements will be honored and supported throughout their term. There is nothing an existing customer needs to do to in order to retain access to the product.

Important Points of Information

1. All subscriptions entered into with ProQuest will be honored and serviced for their full terms.

2. Existing trials will continue.

3. Effective January 1, 2013, academic and public libraries interested in Data-Planet Statistical Datasets will be dealing directly with the producer and technology provider, Conquest Systems. Click here to request information or trial access.


ProQuest acquired the exclusive distribution rights to Statistical Datasets for the academic and public library markets in 2010 as part of an acquisition. The product was marketed as a re-branded offering, ProQuest Statistical Datasets. The product is now available directly from Data-Planet by Conquest Systems (branded as Data-Planet Statistical Datasets) for academic and public library market segments and continues to be distributed by LexisNexis (branded as LexisNexis Statistical Datasets) for non-academic and non-public library market segments.

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets, and the technology upon which it is based, have been available for subscription access since 2006. The Data-Planet repository of statistical content currently holds ~3.9 billion time series containing billions of data points presented in as maps, trends, tables, and/or rankings. All of the data have been standardized, structured, and described with 37 fields of metadata and controlled editorial descriptions. Data-Planet products enable users to find and identify a statistical time series; view it as a table, chart, map, or graph; perform computations and statistical analyses; generate data overlays from multiple sources; or retrieve a citable piece of data and use it in their workflow and work product. The products are used in multiple industry segments, including academia, government agencies, business, and news organizations.

Data-Planet’s mission is to hasten access to statistical data by enhancing its findability and usability.

Going forward, more direct communication between the producers of Data-Planet and the library marketplace will provide maximum service and value to our customers.

To learn more about Data-Planet, please visit . We welcome your input to our products, and all suggestions regarding new data and functionality. Meanwhile, we will be issuing updates to the transition and product news on a regular basis.

For further information, contact:

Matt Dunie, President

Conquest Systems, Inc.



Bethesda, Maryland — December 27, 2012

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