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Data Planet facilitates storage, accessibility, usability, maintenance and archiving of statistical data, sourced from both third parties and direct from researchers, via our Data Hosting Services. Our Data Hosting Services seamlessly and securely integrate your data in the Data Planet platform, allowing users to compare and correlate your data against the entire Data Planet repository of statistical datasets in a single, easy-to-use interface. Our Data Hosting Services support researcher data management plans required by funding agencies.


  • For data licensed from a third-party data publisher, we will work with the publisher to 1) properly load the data into the Data Planet repository, 2) update and maintain the data, and 3) report usage of the data.
  • For researcher-provided data, the Data Planet team will work with your staff to load the data into the Data Planet platform, create descriptive metadata, and control access.

Benefits of Data Hosting Services by Data Planet


  • Surface data of interest using the search and browse tools of the Data Planet platform.


  • Datasets are physically stored in a 24-hour secure facility behind three levels of biometric security.
  • Data are regularly backed up to an off-site facility.
  • Physical data can be encrypted and decrypted on access.


  • Access can be controlled at the dataset level – expose your data to all Data Planet users or only to those at your institution. We can also make it openly available via an API.
  • Including your data in Data Planet does not restrict it from being deposited in any other archive or repository.


  • Users can customize visualizations of the data in maps, charts, and graphs – with 20 format options.
  • Create *DOIs or other durable URLs of visualizations with descriptive metadata, ensuring the retrievability of the data.
  • Export the data in xls, csv, SAS, and more.

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