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Data Planet Statistical Datasets: Coverage Policy

The statistical datasets included in the Data Planet repository are added based on an evaluation and prioritization process that takes into account the following factors:

  1. Customer expressed request for a particular dataset to be added to the repository

  2. Authority of the source organization that collects, analyzes, and releases the dataset

  3. Statistical credibility of the dataset: considered here is how well documented the dataset is with respect to sampling, data collection methodology, and data analysis procedures

  4. Fit of the dataset within the repository’s scope of coverage, defined at a high level by 16 subject areas

  5. Reliability of the source organization data release process, especially timeliness and regularity of updates

To identify new datasets for addition to the repository, the data development and editorial teams periodically assess gaps of coverage by subject area. In addition, government, nongovernmental, international, and other organizational websites and news releases are followed on an ongoing basis to identify new datasets for evaluation and potential addition to the repository.

Suggestions on datasets to add to the Data Planet repository are welcome! Please contact us at

For a listing of the time series and dataset sources available in the vast Data Planet statistical repository, please visit the Data Planet Datasets and Sources
User Guide. 

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