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Copyright Notice for Data-Planetby Conquest Systems, Inc.           

Unless otherwise indicated, the content included in the Data-Planet repository is ©Conquest Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

What can you do with Data-Planet published content?  You can copy, download or print content for your own use, and you can include excerpts from Data-Planet by Conquest Systems, Inc. products and content in your own non-commercial documents, presentations, blogs, websites and teaching materials, for authorized end-users as defined in your organization’s license agreement with Conquest Systems, Inc. provided that complete attribution and acknowledgment of Conquest Systems as source and copyright owner is given for Data-Planet content (unless otherwise indicated).

You cannot use the products to create databases, compilations, compendiums or bundles of content to be presented to more than a few people for commercial use without express written permission from Conquest Systems, Inc. and/or other copyright holders of content included in the Data-Planet by Conquest Systems, Inc. productsYou may not use any of the content in the Data-Planet repository to create a derivative work for sale or publication (with or without fees), without written consent from Conquest Systems, Inc.

Conquest Systems, Inc. claims copyright on the compilation, classifications systems, item descriptions, subject term assignments, look and feel of the results and datasheets (printed or displayed) thesaurus, user interface, and all individual text and graphics files created and edited by Conquest Systems, Inc. staff from public domain or manuscript material unless otherwise indicated in the products or material.

All requests for public or commercial use and translation rights should be submitted to  Please provide detailed information including name, organization name, phone number, email address, organization web site, and purpose of proposed use.

Use in Library Web Pages, pathfinders and subject guides.  Libraries are encouraged to use Data-Planet by Conquest Systems, Inc. content in outreach efforts to their authorized users (as defined in the license agreement) provided that they do not share the use with organizations that are not-authorized licensees of Data-Planet by Conquest Systems, Inc. products or content and the use is limited to summary level content, single datasheets, maps, charts, graphs, descriptions or components for each outreach web page or subject group.  But, we encourage the use of links to data-sheets (from Digital Object Identifiers, durable URLs resolving to Conquest Systems, Inc. computer systems), search pages, search widgets that enable or promote searching and use of the products or content on Conquest Systems, Inc. computer systems under the use rights granted in the license agreements.

Organizations are not permitted to share pathfinder / subject guide pages with Data-Planet content embedded without complete and proper authorization.   Organizations are encouraged to share pathfinder pages with links to Data-Planet by Conquest Systems, Inc. content residing on Conquest Systems, Inc. computer systems (Digital Object Identifiers, durable URLs).

Citation Information.  You should cite content from the system as:

Data-Planet by Conquest Systems, Inc.  (YEAR).  Source Name. Data Set Name: Datasheet Title – [Data-file], Retrieved from, Viewed: Date Viewed. Dataset-ID: ###-###-###.  DOI LINK.


Data-Planet by Conquest Systems, Inc. (2013). National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Academic Library Statistics: United States: Number of Branches - Excluding Main Library | Country: USA | State: Maryland – [Data-file], Retrieved from, Viewed: February 1, 2013. Dataset-ID: 017-015-001.  doi:10.6068/DP13C96B951FE3

 February 2013

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