Content Syndication

Bring real-time data from 3.9 billion time series to your web, mobile, desktop, and enterprise data distribution. Using Data-Planet content syndication, you can populate your web site or product with current, dynamic data. For example, if you want to publish daily updates on the closing price of oil on your web site, we can provide that data in a standard feed to you every day at the same time. We can provide this in XML or formatted output. Use this capability to create updated e-books, industry reports and profiles, alert services, and more. Data-Planet offers the ability to take content, in XML or formatted output, for use in other products, web sites, and publications.


Data-Planet content, charts, maps, graphs, XML, tables, and formatted output (documents) can be output as private label or co-branded content. This can be formatted for:

  • Web Sites (various, multiple looks with small charts, tables, graphs)
  • Newspapers, blogs, newsletters, charts, graphs, tables, etc.
  • Pages inside a book, ebooks, reports, email alerts, etc. with charts, tables, graphs


Use our API to build in alerts and data feeds of statistical data. We have made access to our API available for a limited time for no charge with access to a limited amount of data. Try it out and see what you can create. Register for a test drive today.


If you prefer to have us slice the data and provide it to you via another mechanism, we can do that too! Contact us for more information on custom content syndication.

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